How to Find a Great Deal on Car Insurance


Every driver wants to find a great deal on their car insurance, whether that means having a lower premium or being able to benefit from more specific insurance policies. To find the best deals on your car insurance, it’s worth comparing the market as much as possible, while taking the time to work out the details of a policy to avoid paying anything more than you need to. At the same time, it’s important to improve your eligibility for a lower insurance premium by investing in security features for your car, and to break down your policy to see whether it’s cheaper to divide different policies.

Comparing the Market

It’s now possible to take advantage of a wide range of different insurance policies online, with comparison sites enabling you to get quotes for your specific needs. You can also search online to find deals on tailored car insurance from brands like Direct Asia Thailand; going for a specialist insurer is particularly recommended if your current provider won’t provide cover for items like kit cars, or reasonable premiums for young drivers.

Getting the Details Right

Always go over a policy in depth before agreeing to a new insurance deal; understand what your excesses are, and see whether a voluntary excess can save you significant amounts of money. Similarly, check to see whether an insurance company has a fair no claims bonus scheme, and if they offer extra protection to prevent you from losing it for minor accidents. Asking about the impact on your premium of adding drivers to your policy can also help you to decide whether you’re getting the best deal.

Being Pro-Active with Safety

Be prepared and pro-active when it comes to negotiating a reduction in your annual premiums by making a commitment to safety for your car; this can be as simple as parking your car overnight in a garage, or having a new immobiliser fitted to reduce the risk of theft and damage. Agreeing to install a telematics device to record your driving habits can also show an insurer that you’re willing to prove that you’re a good driver, and eligible for a low rate on your premium.

Packaged Cover

It’s worth investigating whether you’d be better off getting a comprehensive insurance policy from one company, or whether you’d be better off taking out different forms of cover with different people; the dealership that sold you yourcar, for example, might have breakdown cover included as part of a servicing agreement, and can mean that you can remove some expensive items from your standard policy with another provider.

Getting a good deal on your insurance means not being complacent about the policies that you take out; be ruthless in terms of comparing the market, and always go through a policy as carefully as you can before signing up to one. Similarly, check to see what the contact methods are for your insurance company, and whether they have good feedback online for how they resolving problems and offering discounts for customer loyalty over time.

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