Some people feel that it is totally unnecessary to buy insurance for their dogs or cats. After all, what could happen to Fluffy or Muffin that could be all that serious? They believe that they can take care of vet costs whenever their pets are feeling under the weather. However, that is the exact attitude you do not want to take. If you do not buy insurance for your pet, you could face a real financial catastrophe or, even worse, the loss of your family pet.

Do Not Make the Following Mistake

One pet owner found out the hard way that not insuring a pet is a mistake. Her dog got hit by a car and needed surgery. However, she could not afford the expense. She called her husband and he said that they did not have enough in savings to cover the cost. She was faced with the hard reality that she could not save her dog.

Fortunately, a woman in the vet’s office offered to pay for the procedure. However, in most cases, this would not have happened. The woman would have lost her pet because she had not enrolled in a pet insurance plan. If you want to avoid this from happening to you, it is indeed worth the few dollars per month to insure your pet.

In fact, taking out insurance for a dog or cat is about one of the most prudent financial things that you can do. Both of these types of animals have a tendency to get out of the yard and wonder about. They can easily get into trouble whether they get hit by a car or swallow something harmful they found on the ground.

Many insurance companies even allow you to sign up for a plan and offer free cover, for instance, for an additional month or two. Therefore, you should find out more about the policy options and the costs. You will be glad that you went forward with this decision. Even if your pet never suffers from an unexpected mishap, having the cover is added insurance that means peace of mind.

Three Pet Insurance Options

When choosing insurance plans, you normally have three options with respect to policies. Pet owners can choose from accident cover, comprehensive cover, and major medical cover. Accident cover, as the name suggests, only covers accidents. Therefore, it usually is better to opt for comprehensive cover or major medical cover if you can. The major medical cover also covers routine care.

You pet is a valuable companion and only lives with you for 10 to 20 years. That is why you need to make sure that he or she enjoys a high quality of life. You can guarantee that this will happen when you take out insurance on your dog or cat. Review the various policies today. You will see that for what you are getting, you are paying a minimal amount when it comes to routine pet care and security. All of the policies even include pet travel insurance. Therefore, you are covered just about anywhere you happen to go.