9 Tips How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Insurance Frauds And Scams


The number of people being a victim of insurance frauds and scams is continuously growing. More and more complex methods of scamming have been slowly arising. You should be vigilant in order to avoid yourself from being a victim of one. Below are 9 tips from insurance companies in PA that you can keep in mind so you can proactively avoid being a victim of such frauds and scams.

  1. Always inform yourself

Informing yourself goes a long way when it comes to fraud and scam prevention. Knowing what you should pay based on the average that is publicly known can help you avoid being a victim of a fraud or scam.

  1. Always ask for proof

Ask for a proof of payment whenever you make a payment. If you aren’t provided any, then be prepared to invalidate the payment that you made. This is why you should never make a premium payment in cash because you will still have a chance of disputing it.

  1. Know what services you are being asked to pay for

It is important that you find out what you are being asked to pay for. Compare what you’re being billed for to the services that you actually received so you can make an informed decision as to what you should actually pay.

  1. Ask for identification

Most scammers cast a big net in hopes of increasing their chance of scamming an unsuspecting victim. By asking for specifics and not providing any yourself, you stand a chance at finding out if someone is attempting to scam you.

  1. Do not disclose any details

Whether it is the details of your policy or whatever it may be, you should not disclose any information that would be easily identifiable by a legitimate agent. They have their own systems to check and make sure that they are talking to the right person.

  1. Report any lost documents

If you are unable to find a document related to your insurance companies in PA, make sure that you report it to them immediately. Fraudsters might use the information that they find on the lost document in order to assume your identity.

  1. Read everything in your policy document

Do not assume any information that you are being told is 100% accurate. There is always a chance that an agent may have misinformed you or you are being scammed. Take time to read what you are going to sign.

  1. Write everything yourself

By the same virtue of number 7, you should take the time to write every single thing yourself. Do not let other people take care of this important responsibility because there is a high risk involved with letting someone else represent you in writing.

  1. Go with a reputable company

There are a lot of insurance companies in PA. Go with a more reputable one that you can trust. You shouldn’t have to be wary of every step that you take when making a transaction with your insurance provider.

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