Insurance for Inexperienced Drivers


If you’ve just passed your driving test, it can be difficult to find a reasonable quote for your insurance; this can particularly be the case if you’re a young male driver, as well as if you suffer any early accidents when you get on the road. Many drivers end up being unfairly penalised as the result of the average premium rates for their insurance group, and don’t have the time to prove themselves, or to build up no claims bonuses. With this in mind, what are some of the insurance options available for inexperienced drivers?

Insurance companies operate on a risk management basis, and inexperienced drivers do, unfortunately, raise red flags when it comes to quoting premiums. While policies shouldn’t discriminate, it can be much harder to get insurance without having to accept a high premium if you are inexperienced. Some ways in which you can try to improve your case for a good quote include taking advanced driving tests soon after your initial test, and before you sign up for insurance.

Other options that you might want to try to improve your insurance include entering into multi car insurance policies that can cover everyone in a family, or within a household; you may also be able to lower your own premium by adding an experienced driver, which could be a parent, to your policy. Going for a safe, fuel efficient car that’s in a low insurance group can similarly improve your case for lower premiums, as can investing in extra security devices for your vehicle, which will show a commitment to reducing accidents

Inexperienced drivers should also consider the benefits of telematics, or pay as you go insurance; this has recently emerged as a sound option for young and inexperienced drivers, and can help to lower average premiums. Telematics insurance involves fitting a ‘black box’ recorder to your car that notes your driving habits, average speeds, the time of day or not you drive, and other data that can be uploaded to an insurance provider.

The benefits of telematics insurance include being able to produce a more accurate record of your driving, which can help to justify your case for being a responsible driver. Moreover, if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can supply clear evidence to make this claim, rather than relying on witnesses. A telematics device can similarly help to track your car by GPS if it gets stolen.

Several different options are consequently available to inexperienced drivers if they want to try to improve their insurance payments. As well as sticking to good habits when it comes to buying the right car, multi driver policies and telematics insurance can be a good idea if you want to demonstrate your responsibility on the road. The end result: lower premiums, and a greater ability to find better deals in the future with a strong insurance record

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