The Options of Globalized Markets: Rapid Prototyping Project on China or Elsewhere?


For the longest time, there has been a stereotyped belief that China is a low-cost, low-quality market. The last twenty years have shattered the myth and made it outdated, but there is still a half-truth to it. China is currently a very affordable destination for most manufacturing projects out there, even for low volume products and small companies. Entrepreneurs based in Europe, America, and other locations have paid attention to this, and they are working to reduce manufacturing costs without reducing their product output volume by outsourcing manufacturing tasks to China.

Some quick research may reveal that some companies in other locations in Asia such as Vietnam offer lower prices, but China has made a great effort to overcome all the vices and quality issues that have plagued their manufacturing industry over the last two decades. The mainland is currently ripe with competitors trying to offer the best work at the most attractive costs.

China has gone to great lengths to form specialists in fields such as programming, management, and assembly to have the edge over its neighbors. Modern Rapid Prototyping China manufacturers have also made a reputation for working fast and turning affordable prototypes and products completed in a very short time.

Chine Topples All the Other Options:

One of the most significant advantages of rapid prototyping China is the ability to handle bridge manufacturing. Mass production in China is really cost-effective, so it’s possible to manufacture large quantities of a product. Any project prototyped and managed in China can make a quick transition to mass production in a matter of days, with revisions included in the process. The only downside that we could think of regarding the convenience of working overseas is mostly logistical steps related to barriers of language. Conveying ideas can be pretty tricky if the wrong technical term is used in translation, but this is something that can be easily fixed with an interpreter.

One of the biggest concerns about outsourcing products to the rapid prototyping China industry are all matters related to intellectual property. Companies still hold to the principles of trade secrets, and they safeguard their product with copyrights, trademarks, patents and every legal tool they have at their disposal to make sure that their competitor doesn’t copy their designs.

This is especially complex when they have to deal with overseas companies in the supply chain. Most of these legal inconveniences are just a small obstacle to overcome when we learn about the vastly improved standards of the manufacturing industry in China right now as well as their ability to work with diverse materials and state of the art technology.

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