Best Full-Time Office Jobs for High School Graduates


High school graduates can occupy full-time office jobs easily. People generally think that only college graduates can occupy full-time office jobs, which is definitely not true. Some office jobs wouldn’t require college degrees; high school graduates can perform these jobs easily and sometimes they superior college graduates as well in their job efficiency.

Full-time office jobs are comfortable jobs with fixed working hours. Not all people would enjoy working in field jobs, some would just prefer sitting behind a desk, working from 9 till 5 and leave home after 8 hours of desk office. Not all Full-time office jobs are necessarily boring; some jobs might be fun besides gaining great experience which can make you climb the career ladder rapidly if you learn extensively and precisely.

Is there a good paying full-time job which can be easily occupied by high school graduates?

Here are the best 5 full-time office jobs occupied by high school graduates:

  1. Customer Service Representative.

Being a Customer Service Representative means you will be responsible for contacting with people via email, by phone and even on website’s messenger in order to educate customers, help solve problems, and be a good advocate for the company. Their main duty is to make sure that customers are happy and satisfied. College degree is not required in this field, but some basic skills are needed in order to be qualified customer service representative like empathy, problem-solving skills, communications skills, high level of patience and a great amount of knowledge about a product and a company.

  • This job needs different kinds of skills, but the most important skill upon all other skills is being a master in communicating with people. You need to own excellent communication skills.
  • If you’re interested, you can search for customer service representative job vacancies on famous online job websites like and apply for the job which suits your requirements and qualifications.
  1. Dental Assistant.

Dentists needs many years of graduate and undergraduate work in order to occupy his role. Well, dental assistants would only need basic training in the clinic just to clarify the basic information and tools used while working. Being a dental assistant means you’ll be responsible for administrative work like cleaning tools or even preparing patients for their treatment appointment. If you’re planning in staying in this role for a long time, you might become a Dental Hygienist on the long run, if you’re interested in staying in this role as a long-term career path.

  • If you like to occupy dental related positions, make sure you can actually do it, because some people wouldn’t even stand being inside a dental clinic or hearing the buzzing machines like annoying the sound of turbine for example.
  • There are always announcements for dental assistants job vacancies posted on famous online job websites like and other secure websites.
  1. Home Health-Aide.

Being a home health-Aide is a great job which is suitable for kind hearted people. This job role is about taking good care of people who have some kind of difficulties in taking care of their selves due to disability, sickness or age. The comfortable thing about this job is that you’ll be working in their houses, not in hospitals or nursing homes. Their role includes providing basic help and care in their daily routine living activities. There are no educational degrees required in this field, but having high level of patience and empathy is what matters. As for training, only on-the-job training will be given from experienced aids and nurses.

  • If you have a great amount of empathy, and you love helping people then you can easily apply on any website like and start spreading your kindness around!
  1. Real Estate Agents.

Being a Real Estate Agent is an interesting job to occupy. If you want to work as a real estate agent, you need to have both sting communication skills and negotiable skills; you need be a master in persuading people to buy the advertised houses you showed them. Being a real estate agent doesn’t require a college degree but it requires a special license in order to be a licensed broker. You will have to pass a written examination as well as completing the required study hours, after that you’ll officially become a licensed real estate agent.  Some old and experienced brokers would just give an extra on -the-job training as a component , besides the fact that you’ll be getting paid.

  • Real estate jobs are interesting; you’ll be professional house hunters if you excel your job in a great amount of efficiency.
  • If you’re interested in working in real estate field, you can easily apply for broker’s job vacancies or real estate agents by checking secured online job portals like Joblang and apply.
  1. Translator / Interpreter.

Can you believe that being a translator doesn’t actually require a college degree?

Well, professional translation is different than basic translation. Professional translators would definitely need a college degree, but if the high school graduate owns strong linguistic skills, then translation simple letters, stories, kid’s stories and other written articles is supposed to be an easy mission for them. You need to own an excellent writing and speaking skills, and try to learn more by connecting with experienced translators.

  • Have you got an excellent writing and speaking skills? If you think you’re qualified, make sure you use these extraordinary skills in getting a full-time office job even if you don’t have a college degree by applying your resume online through huge secured job opportunities portals like and soar in the world of possibilities!

Fresh graduates, high school graduates, college graduates and all other students around the world will always have an opportunity in one way or another. There is always a chance for any job seeker, not all jobs rely on college degrees or any other educational certificate, we mentioned above, some jobs actually relay on transferable skills and other jobs would only rely on only being kind and own empathy towards others. The main aspect in all these jobs around the world is only one thing, your desire of getting a job. The more you search and dig in the more chances and options you’ll be able to land on. High school degree is no more an obstacle in finding a job, master some great transferable skills and you’ll be ready to hit the world of businesses.

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