Preparing For A Successful Construction Project


As a project manager, you serve as the single point of contact when it comes to progress on your job. Your clients expect you to manage the cost and schedule performance, while your bosses expect you to maintain a positive cash flow. The crews that report to you look for you to make sure they’ve got the equipment and resources to complete the work. There’s a lot riding on your shoulders. Here are some ways to prepare for success.

Putting Safety First 

Safety is everyone’s concern. You’re responsible for making sure that onsite personnel have the proper personal protective equipment and OSHA training to complete their tasks. Onsite accidents are a problem for crews leading to injury, illness and possibly death. Neither your company nor your client wants an unsafe project which leads to expensive workers’ compensation claims and negative attention for the project.  

Managing Time

There are several project metrics you need to manage in your role, but the schedule is especially critical. Delays don’t just extend the construction duration, but they can lead to things like liquidated damages and other charges that also explode the budget. When determining the schedule, you need to factor in issues that can add to the contract time. For example, you’d want to have an arrangement for crane repairs Knoxville to expedite fixing a malfunctioning crane to minimize lost time. 

Securing Insurance

Construction companies need to have insurance to mitigate risks associated with the work. Your employer likely has a policy for general liability and workers’ compensation in place, but those aren’t the only insurance considerations. Your client may require you to have a policy that guarantees the completion of the project. You should also consider policies that cover damages to the project while it’s under construction.

The success of your project lies in your hands as the PM. The odds of a favorable outcome improve with planning and preparation. Safety, schedule and risk management are just three of the many factors to watch out for. 

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