Keep Your Employees Focused and Productive by Decreasing Noise


If you want your business to succeed, you need employees committed to your company and able to get their work done in a timely manner. While an open office concept can improve camaraderie and idea-generating, it can be very loud and distracting. Here are some ways to increase productivity by creating a quiet environment to work in.

Noise-Absorbing Items

Furniture and plants are two types of noise-reducing elements you can add to your office space. Fabric items placed near common areas easily absorb sound waves and prevent them from traveling further into the office. If you have plenty of light in your area, consider adding dense foliage, which can also absorb noise. When spring loaded casters are used under printers and other office equipment, these heavy things move smoothly across the floor, preventing the sounds of bumping and grinding.

Floor Underlays

People walking, chairs rolling and office supplies dropping all add to the noise levels in an office space. An excellent way to lower these types of noises is to add an underlay to the flooring. Underlays add cushioning to the floor, which reduces the noise from impacts on the surface.

Acoustic Panels

Made of compressed wool or foam, acoustic panels absorb sound waves. With many styles available, these can add to the aesthetics of your office while providing you with a decrease in noise.

White Noise

Finally, a white noise machine can do wonders to block out the myriad sounds emanating from an office environment. Placed in a central location, white noise can send out soothing sounds to your employees to keep them on task and ready for work.

Besides adding these options to your office, you can create a dedicated quiet space for those who need to concentrate fully. Have a policy that states a person can not be disturbed while in this area.

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