Tips For Choosing Laminated Mailers to Market Your Business


The most effective marketing campaigns don’t just happen overnight – they take planning, dedication, and persistence. While many small business owners approach their promotional campaigns with the best of intentions, the use of mail is often overlooked or done without much concern for design.

Designing your direct mailer can seem intimidating, but when approached with careful consideration, it can be cost-effective and beneficial to your business to position yourself as a reliable brand with long-term investment potential. The following are several tips on choosing laminated mailers for marketing:

  • Make sure it’s a perfect fit – The top flap should fold over the front of the envelope and seal shut. You want the inside of the envelope to be clean with no creases or wrinkles. Glue seams should join together seamlessly and be uniformly flat across where they meet. There shouldn’t be any bubbles between film layers that could compromise durability or adhesion. While it may need another coat or two, there shouldn’t be any glue overflow at the end. A poor fit can result in your mailer becoming damaged.
  • Make sure they are not taped shut – An envelope that has been “taped shut” by an amateur will likely fall apart when handled by a professional in a distribution center or warehouse. This often happens because the tape hasn’t been applied straight and evenly across all surfaces, making it incredibly difficult to open up without further damage. After being opened, this type of envelope looks far from appealing to the customer and will not produce a good impression. Avoid taped mailers if you’re looking for something that can easily be opened.
  • Choose an adhesion level – Depending on the laminated material, it may require one or two lamination layers. In some instances, three layers are applied if additional sealing is required to help prevent the elements from getting in between the layers. When choosing your adhesive strength, consider how much protection you need from weather and mishandling while also considering cost-effectiveness.
  • Remind your customers to store your mailer flat – The more a laminated mailer is bent or crimped along its short side, the greater the chance it will tear when pulled open. It is more likely to curl up if it is crimped or bent along the long side. For the best results, make sure your customers carefully store them flat.

Laminated mailers are an effective way to market your business. They can be used for announcements, invitations, thank you cards, etc. When choosing the mailers for marketing your business, consider following the tips mentioned above for success.

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