How Does My Roof Affect My Solar?


So, you’re planning to install solar panels on your roof? Well, +1 for that! In this article, we are going to discuss how solar panels from California solar panel companies can help you to decrease your electricity bills.

Well, do you know that the material from which your roof is constructed also affects your solar panels! Yes, you heard me right! You won’t see, but a large-scale residential roof in Australia is made up of tile or tin. Why so? Because the tin material is quite straight forward to install and thus do not hassle at all. They have screws out there, to make the installation much easy going.

Also, the tin is hell cheap to install a solar panel on. On the other hand, the tiles are somewhat complicated, add some more costs, and there is a possibility of cracking down of them.

You can make use of other things as well such as rubber, metals, and clay tiles and so on. These do not pose any issues though.

Now, coming to the next thing, we can look over to the pitch of the roof. Pitch is commonly defined as the angle of your roof. These angles, belief or not but affect the overall performance of the solar panels. So, what’s the best edge to go for?

You can set the angle 10 degrees above the horizontal to bring out the most of the efficiency. This not only prevents rain but also another kind of dirt from accumulating. Don’t worry, our experts from Horizon will take care of all these and will plan the inclination to bring out most of the output from it. We make sure you always get more ROI than the actual input.

Final Words-

Contact Horizon Solar Power, that it. Rest all they will do it for you. They are known for providing best quality residential and commercial solar panels in affordable charges. Being one of the leading and reputed Solar installers in California, the Horizon Solar Power team can provide end to end solar panel solutions, be it from solar panel design to solar installation and monitoring; they take care of everything from start to finish.

Choosing reliable solar panel contractor can help you in getting maximum benefits out of your solar system for years. Horizon Solar Power gets you a solar system without a hitch.

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