How Can Mobile Technology help you Transform your Business


We live in the age of technology. Many of the business trends are dictated by its rapid development. Yes, the global market being as it is, dynamic and volatile, has a great impact on how business is conducted, but modern technology is there to help CEOs and managers overcome any obstacles that may be found on the way, and allow them to successfully penetrate any market out there. Thanks to the internet everything and everyone is connected. And thanks to it, there are many opportunities for either startups or already established businesses.

There are more than 3 billion people using the global network every day and half of those users are accessing it via their mobile devices. Your business should not be anything different. Mobile technology has many perks that could help you achieve steady business growth and increased revenue. There are plenty of big companies that heavily rely upon functionality of mobile technology.

In case you are wondering how to use mobile tech and what the benefits are, we have put together this list of ways mobile tech can transform your business and make it better, should you consider to implement it.

Mobile Payment Option attracts more Customers

It is the era of credit cards. You can rarely find a person who carries around large sums of money when he or she goes shopping. There are more and more people who even pay for coffee and snacks with their cards. There is a great chance that you will lose a potential customer if you didn’t add a mobile payment option. And this goes without saying for businesses that have online stores.

Adding a mobile payment option will considerably improve customer convenience. With this simple upgrade, you will not only retain customers but also attract new ones. There are mobile payment processing companiesthat can guide you throughout the whole process and supply you with everything you need. It is important to previously discuss you business plan and goals with them in order to work out the plan that will suite you best.

You shouldn’t worry about training your employees how to use mobile equipment, because many of these companies provide training services as a standard part of the arrangement. With the right tools, equipment and support regarding mobile payments, you will be able to focus on your business core. You should also make sure to check the charging rates of these companies so you can pick the one that works best to your profits.

Increase Productivity, Get a Business Mobile App

There are many mobile application development firms out there. They can design an app for your business. They can make your app work on all conceivable operating systems so you don’t have to worry about what smartphones your employees are using. This type of app can help a lot by increasing productivity and opening all lines of communication.

These apps can have some really useful features, like video conference, instant messaging, e-mail etc. For instance, there are dozens of restaurants that are using tablets and smartphones to speed up the orders, providing a more reliable and faster service to their customers.

A very good example of how mobile technology transforms business model is the Apple’s iBeacons protocol. With this technology at their disposal, retailers are able to communicate with customer’s mobile phones while they are inside their stores. This way you can send personalized coupons and promotions to each of your customer’s smartphone at the same time monitoring their in-store behavior.

Once you decide to abandon the well-proved legacy system and move to an app-based solution you will be able to reap many benefits. Your employees will have easier ways to access and manipulate business-related data and share files across many devices. Some of the mobile app development companies already have some ready solutions for businesses.

For instance, project portfolio management app allows you to keep an eye on all ongoing projects, access any project data, allocate resources, use proper assets, assign tasks and even more. And you can do all that from the screen of your mobile device.

Advertise at a Low Cost, Use QR Codes

Another great thing that mobile technology have brought to us are QR codes. These codes are very popular in all industry branches. It is a way of storing information about your company, such as the URL address to your website, product description etc. For a human eye, this array of black and white squares means nothing, but when you scan it with camera on a smartphone you get all the “hidden” info out of it.

With a QR code you will be able to easily engage modern customers and, in the end, expand your client base. QR codes are a very good and cheap type of marketing; you can place them on posters, your social media profile or flyer. They are excellent when you want to provide customers with event details, link to a YouTube video, a coupon and special offer details.

The best thing is that you can create your QR code any time you want and it is free. There are tons of code generators out there that allow you to design your own QR code and track or analyze its performance afterwards.

Get a Mobile-Friendly Website

Many companies invest greatly in marketing to attract more customers to their online stores. But it seems that marketing isn’t solving mobile monetization issues. It seems that the rules that apply for physicals shops do not stand for ecommerce businesses. The problem lies in user experience and website optimization. With so many website development agencies out there, it won’t be a problem for you to find the most suitable one for your needs.

You want to have a website that is easily readable and accessible not only for desktop computers, but also for smartphone devices, tablets and laptops. That’s why you want to make sure that the team of web developers you are considering hiring know how to code responsive web pages.

With ecommerce becoming one of the most valuable economy markets in the world, the conversion rates came right in the center of many marketers’ and ecommerce website developers’ attention. Few of the key elements that have the biggest impact on conversion rates should always be in your focus.

Those are:

Product pages – you want to keep them simple and clean

About Us page – should contain some content of value, not just historical facts about your store

Landing page – with information relevant to the link that leads to it

Checkout page – with logos of supported payment methods and security assurances

Decrease Expenses

Mobile technology allows you to address any issue or answer any question wherever you are via email, cloud storage, instant messaging services. By eliminating paper and paperwork from your organization, you will be able to achieve all your goals in shorter periods of time. The agility and flexibility that mobile technology provides will make the flow of information as easy as possible. In the end, you will save up all that money you used to spend on papers and storage units.

Another direct way of saving money is by investing in live chat software for your official or ecommerce website. This way you will have live support going around the clock, deflecting all those tickets and phone calls from your support department. In the end, you will have all those chat transcripts you can use to build a frequently asked questions database and publish it on your website.

As you can see, there are many fields where mobile technology can be applied. With just a few implementations of mobile tech in your business operation, you can expect it to be completely transformed. As there are many ways to use mobile tech in your business we have only covered the ones that offer huge benefits.

You should go online and explore many other options that this technology offers. It is currently in the stage of rapid development, which is why you need to make sure to stay up-to-date. You never know when a game-changer tech will hit the market. Also, don’t forget to check if the changes you get by opting to go mobile are influencing business growth and revenue. Maybe some solutions will work better for your organization than others.

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