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LLEX stands for Lilis Energy, Inc. and is a gas and oil production and exploration independent company, considered amongst the leading resource plays in North America. The company purchases, drills and produces natural gas and oil. It has its headquarters in the Permian’s Delaware Basin, North America. Lilis Energy owns the lease for about 28.5 thousand gross acres in the Delaware Basin, which includes about 16.3 thousand acres in Winkler, Loving, and Reeves Counties, Texas, and about 4,100 acres in Lea County, Mexico.

It is working within Delaware Basin and is focusing on various horizons including Avalon, Wolfcamp, and Bone Springs. The subsidiaries of llex stock at are ImPetro Operating, Impetro Resources, LLC, Brushy Resources Inc., Hurricane Resources, and Lilis Operating Company.

Lilis Energies continuously evaluates the geological potential. They identify new and better places for drilling with more opportunities and lower risks. Their main interests are the high yielding lands. They operate safely and efficiently and try to be as cost-efficient as possible. They aim to raise the price of their stockholders. The stockholders are their priority!

Strategy of LLEX

Their objective is to increase the shareholder value by building more reserves, more production, and cash flow. They continuously monitor their risk profile and maintain a conservative capital structure.

Lilis Energy, Inc. Stocks

The experts have been studying the stocks for llex carefully. Most of the Analysts are advising to hold on to these stocks for now. Most of them don’t suggest to buy the stocks for Lilis Energy, Inc. or to sell them. Also, none of them believes that llex stock is underperforming.

The average price of the stock for Lilis Energy, Inc. is 0.15, the high estimation of the stock is 0.15 and the low estimation is also 0.15.

The llex stock is not performing very well. It has performed better than currently.


Some of the recent headline involving LLEX are:

  • Lilis Energy suffers a net loss of $232.03 Million. llex is missing on revenue.
  • Lilis Energy announced the results for the fourth quarter of 2019 and the complete year.
  • LLEX got one more extension on the final borrowing base.
  • Lilis Energy announced some actions in the response to the market condition & director resignations.

The llex stock has not been performing very well nowadays. It has seen better days. It is not suggested to buy its stocks currently but selling their stocks is also not advised. The best choice would be to hold currently. This is what the experts are advising. You can also check dpw stock news at .

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