American Money Spending in Real Time


It’s no secret that the U.S. Economy is based on consumerism. Everywhere you look there are advertisements for you to try this or use that to improve your life. Consumption is the foundation of life as we Americans know it. And we are always thirsting for more.

At no time is this more apparent than the holiday season. As fall begins to give way to winter, our eyes turn towards spending time with family and friends, giving thanks for all we have and even helping give back to those who don’t have much. And retailers are gearing up for the largest selling season in years.


Consumer spending took a significant nose dive after the global recession of 2007-2008 and has only shown moderate upticks in the years since. This year, however, many more people have gone back to work and have been able to put back the money they lost while out of work. They have some disposable income that they haven’t had in a while and are ready to go back to the lifestyle in which they are most comfortable with. This means that are ready to spend for Thanksgiving and Christmas. has created one of the most dynamic illustrations of consumerism at work. They have created an infographic that graphically illustrates consumerism in America by showing what Americans are spending overall and within different categories every second in real time. For example, the infographic shows that Americans spend approximately $2200 every second in online purchases with $351 of those dollars going to etailer giant Best Buy comes in a close second at $250 per second and Macy’s coming in third with $178.00 being spent every second.

When you take a look at the collective spending of Americans, both online and in retail establishments, it becomes startling clear at just how reliant Americans are on the use of electronic payment methods. Over $10,000 is being spent on credit cards every second. This trend seems to support the theory that Americans are, once again, becoming more comfortable with living in some variation of debt, especially in the face of the items being purchased with credit cards. Americans have an affinity for the things that they enjoy, spending $100 per second on products for sexual enhancement, $50 a second for cigarettes, $400 per second on lottery tickets and an additional $1200 per second on video games and apps for their phones and other mobile devices.

Of course, we are also indulgent in a number of other ways including food, alcohol and other categories. But, what you might not know is that Americans are giving back by donating to various charities to the tune of $2500 per second, far exceeding any of the other categories outlined in the infographic.

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